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A single platform to manage & retain people

tydy makes it easy to engage & retain people with minimal effort. tydy takes documents, content, surveys & forms out of paper and file attachments & onto a beautiful mobile interface.


Whether it's your onboarding, learning, event, culture, newsletter or product content, tydy gives you an elegant and simple template library to start publishing in minutes.


Build surveys and forms and administer it via mobile devices. Get analytics on the responses and understand the pulse of your organization.


A suite of features that gives you insights to build relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive.

Join happy customers enjoying happier workplaces!

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Administration is no longer a painful process

Tydy run through

All content in one place

Create & publish all types of content - newsletters, data capture forms, surveys, handbooks, guidelines and much more.

Create content in minutes

With our powerful template library, pick up onboarding templates, engagement templates, survey templates and more to get started in minutes.

Manage who receives what

Define rules to publish content to specific groups, individuals or everyone.

Always accessible content

Your content is always accessible to every one - on their mobile devices. When they need it.

A beautiful mobile experience

All your HR documents on tydy
Your users get a beautiful, interactive mobile experience. Policy documents, employee newsletters, weekly updates, engagement surveys and forms come alive on all devices.

Make sure you build & maintain the perfect culture at your organization.

With Tydy, I can easily share rich content across multiple platforms. You don't have to be an expert in design or coding and nor do you have to waste time in converting and sending files anymore! After a successful trial of Tydy, we have decided to adopt it within our organization.
Naved Ali, Dream A Dream and Idex Fellow

People analytics done right

Tydy HR Analytics and People Analytics
Don't wait hours or days for your reports. Send content and surveys and get instantaneous reports. We provide in-depth people engagement analytics that actually work for you.

Understand what initiatives are working, who is most engaged and the people who are dropping off dangerously. Download the reports and send it to your leadership team to show the constant progress your initiatives have made.


Tydy's people engagement platform has received recognition from various industry bodies

Powerful Features to support you


Every time you want to update content, just update it on the admin console and it will automatically get updated across your users' devices.


With encryption and secure data storage, you can be sure all your data is protected and available only to those you give permissions to.


An ever-growing image library that you can freely use across all your content. No copyright restrictions and optimized, hi-def images.


Create groups and share content to specific groups of people. You can choose what content goes to who by creating multiple groups within your organization.


Every time we add features and functionalities, you will get access to it for free. This is the most scalable platform you will ever use.
Employee Onboarding on tydy

The new standard for a happy organization