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Tydy: The easiest way to create & share beautiful mobile collateral

The Template Gallery

Choose from many

Choose from a growing gallery of beautifully designed mobile designs

Mobile-specific templates

The templates have been built with a mobile & tablet focus.

Constantly updated

Our team of world-class designers are always designing and uploading brand new templates for your business

Edit & Update Content

WYSIWYG Interface

An easy to use What You See Is What You Get Interface to add & update content

Tools to edit

Whether it's editing text, changing fonts, uploading images & videos or moving objects around - the Studio allows for it in minutes.

Update content regularly

Make changes or update the content as frequently as you want and it gets pushed to the mobile devices

Data Capture enabled

Create custom forms for lead capture, customer feedback, checklists and more that your users can access on their device and increase efficiency by avoiding paper trails.


In addition to the powerful Studio, tydy makes it really easy to manage the team, their access levels, understand what content is consumed and much more using our comprehensive Administration interface.

Manage users

Add, delete and modify users in seconds. Manage their access rights as individual profiles or as part of groups within the business.

Analytics and audit trails

Receive insight into the usage of the platform and view analytics that quantify and visually represent behavior.

View & analyze captured data

Using the admin interface, you can view and analyze all the data that is captured by your users through the custom forms tool. Export the data or analyze it on the tydy platform.
Tydy is the answer to making tablets and mobile devices really useful and effective in your workforce. Build the mobile interface that your team needs - sales, marketing, project & management teams.

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