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Tydy: The new mobile document format
We started with the belief that mobile devices need a new content methodology! We then realized that it needs a complete re-thinking of how content is created for mobile devices. The decades old formats of PPT, PDF, XLS, DOC etc are exactly that - decades old.

They were never meant for mobile devices that we carry around with us every where.

Thus began our mission to re-define the mobile document...

Our team

Kiran Menon

CEO & Co-Founder

Nikhil Gurjer

CTO & Co-Founder

Deependra Singh


Rajesh Raj



We have a great group of angel investors who share our vision and see the potential for Tydy.


We do not walk alone, we have a great bunch of advisors who have been there and done that and help us keep growing! .

We are looking for your talents to join our team

We are based in Bangalore, India. As a young startup, Tydy comes with all that startups are fabled for. Apart from special "Work from Home" days, company sponsored learning and skills training, sports days and paid holidays - we can assure you a work environment that is fun, active and challenging.

So if you are in Australia, North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, Antartica or even Bangalore ... write to us and we would love to talk to you and see how we could work together!
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Some amazing scripts & frameworks we use

In the course of building tydy we have chanced upon and used some of the best software and scripts. We say a big thank you to all and for teaching us so much more.

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