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Tydy - The best mobile employee engagement experience

Building a platform that touches everyone

About tydy

Tydy is a mobile onboarding & engagement platform. Globally, executives of large enterprises, SMBs and startups are facing a common problem - how do we engage people in the best way possible?

The onboarding process is strife with inefficiencies and there is a lot of opportunity to digitize it and make it paper free. At the same time, going mobile increases engagement between 3x-4x.

This is where tydy steps in. We provide organizations a platform that gives its people a beautiful experience. Whether it's capturing the tons of data at the time of joining or for ongoing engagement - the user will always experience a beautiful interface that is mobile first.

Our team

Kiran Menon

CEO & Co-Founder

Nikhil Gurjer

CTO & Co-Founder

Gaurabh Mathure

Chief Product Officer

Deependra Singh


Rajesh Raj



We have a great group of angel investors who share our vision and see the potential for Tydy.


We do not walk alone, we have a great bunch of advisors who have been there and done that and help us keep growing! .

Careers with us

We pride ourselves on being an organization that is constantly learning. Our product has been built from a tremendous amount of learning - learning from customers, from partners, investors and each other!

We are based in Bangalore, India. As a young startup, Tydy comes with all that startups are fabled for. Apart from special "Work from Home" days, company sponsored learning and skills training, sports days and paid holidays - we can assure you a work environment that is fun, active and challenging.

We are always looking for weird, bright, energetic and enthusiastic individuals. Lots of words there - but we stand by it. Our goals are big, our vision out of this stratosphere.


The tydy team has been fortunate enough to get recognition from some of the leading industry bodies globally.

Tydy's people engagement platform has received recognition from various industry bodies