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Tydy rethinks employee communication & documentation. It increases employee participation, automates HR processes and eliminates paper.

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How tydy works


Papeless Onboarding

Add your new hires and existing workforce. Tydy gives them a real-easy and well-designed interface to fill out their details on the mobile app. Forget about paper.


Send bite-sized training, product updates and other content

With people's attention spans at an all time low - tydy gives you tools to create engaging bite-sized content. From employee handbook to policy docs, guidelines, training, product and other documents created & delivered through tydy.


Solicit regular Feedback

Ask a quick question & solicit people's responses on a regular basis. Our pulse engine allows you to keep it simple & maximize engagement from employees.

From small & medium businesses to growing startups and global corporations - 1000's of people have been engaged through tydy.
Puma uses tydy docs across stores
Davita India uses tydy docs
Atta Galatta uses tydy docs
Stepathlon uses tydy docs

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The age of bite sized content in HR

The age of bite-sized content

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5 best practices for employee pre-boarding

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Employee feedback - please close the loop

We have all been here… We get a request from management, from HR or from our managers to fill out a feedback form. Very often – that feedback link has 15 questions and it looks like it is gonna take an hour to fill up.

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