Increase retention & reduce churn

People engagement, done right.

HR Automation. Simplified. Get started with tydy and automate your engagement campaigns & initiatives.

One platform that truly does it all

Automated Workflows

Save time by automating & scheduling your onboarding and engagement processes by creating workflows that determine what content should be sent when.

Create campaigns & initiatives

Whether it's content for onboarding, learning, company-wide newsletters, announcements or engagement surveys - tydy gives you tools to create beautiful experiences on a mobile device.

Sync your organization

Everything you create & initiate is synced across all devices and all people. With everything being in sync, you can be sure your organization has never felt more easy to manage.

Administer forms & surveys

Take forms and surveys out of email and links - and make it available on your people's mobile devices. Improve response rates by going mobile.

Analytics that work

Understand what initiatives worked, how many people engaged with your initiatives and how many are in danger of falling off.


All your content & data is secure & encrypted - across all devices. With state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure, you can be sure your content is safe & avavilable at all times.

Mobile engagement of people

Increase engagement by going mobile

With over 60% of digital media consumed on mobile devices and with increased competition in the market, your engagement & retention initiatives have to move mobile. Tydy gives your business all the tools needed to engage people on mobile devices.

And, tydy's mobile interface helps people get the right campaign at the right time and on their mobile devices - driving more engagement.

Save time using tydy

Workflows and campaign templates saves you a ton of time by reducing the need for manual work. Forget about excel sheets, waiting for designers and other time consuming activities.

Schedule onboarding & engagement initiatives
deploy employee engagement campaigns in minutes

Deploy campaigns in minutes

Spend less time administering and managing the People Engagement process and spend more time building the right organizational culture. Gone are the days when you needed developer support to kick-start engaging mobile campaigns. This is tydy.

People analytics done right

Don't wait hours or days for your reports. Create campaigns and initiatives and get instantaneous reports. We provide in-depth people engagement analytics that actually work for you.

Real time People analytics for HR

Powering engagement for more than 25,000 users

tydy is used by organizations of all sizes. From small & growing startups to member associations to national businesses and large corporations who need a platform to engage their staff, clients and partners.
Puma uses tydy docs across stores Davita India uses tydy docs Atta Galatta uses tydy docs Stepathlon uses tydy docs
With Tydy, I can easily share rich content across multiple platforms. You don't have to be an expert in design or coding and nor do you have to waste time in converting and sending files anymore! After a successful trial of Tydy, we have decided to adopt it within our organization.
Naved Ali, Dream A Dream and Idex Fellow


Tydy's people engagement platform has received recognition from various industry bodies

Powerful Features to support you


Every time you want to update content, just update it on the admin console and it will automatically get updated across your users' devices.


With encryption and secure data storage, you can be sure all your data is protected and available only to those you give permissions to.


An ever-growing image library that you can freely use across all your content. No copyright restrictions and optimized, hi-def images.


Create groups and share content to specific groups of people. You can choose what content goes to who by creating multiple groups within your organization.


Every time we add features and functionalities, you will get access to it for free. This is the most scalable platform you will ever use.
Employee Onboarding on tydy

The new standard for a happy organization