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tydy is on iOS and Android

tydy Docs - Built for all types of content

Perfect for groups & their updates, family newsletters, holiday planning, community engagement, group newsletters, updates and much more...
Sales collateral, product explainers, data visualizations, image docs, reports, guided demos, training content and just about any other type of content.

tydy Forms - Forget about Excel Sheets

tydy Forms are built for mobile devices. Create customized Data Capture Forms that can be sent to any mobile device. Checklists, feedback, leads and more are now tydy Forms.

tydy Templates - Beautiful mobile templates

Our professionally designed mobile templates give you beautiful, interactive designs for free. Whether it's for sales collateral, data visualizations or customer updates - tydy has a template for it.

tydy Collab - mobile collaboration done right

The App (iOS & Android) allows the users to touch, feel and collaborate on the content. Contextually Annotate on top of the content and explain yourself better or add your comments to initiate a dialogue with others.

The mobile document format trusted by many

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No more files

Don't care about file types and whether you have the software to open these file types. Tydy eradicates file types and creates a completely new mobile doc language.

Engage multiple groups

Create multiple groups of customers, employees or partners and share tydy docs with them. It is the easiest way to engage a mobile community.

Always in Sync

Your business and its stakeholders will never be out of sync again. Tydy's mobile delivery engine takes away the burden of ensuring everyone is on the same page, and at all times.

Secure everything

We take security as seriously as you do. All your content is always yours and is always secure. Encryption ensures that no one else has access to your content.

Access Control

Group Management and user access control has never been easier in an application. Add & remove users from groups with a drag & drop interface and manage their individual access levels.

Unlimited Content

We do not curb the amount of content you can create, add & distribute. Add content & use tydy to your heart's content.

Globally recognized mobile software

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