Content creation that's simple and fun

tydy is content creation for a mobile world, made simple & fun. Your employees, partners & customers have moved to mobile devices - and creating content for these devices is no longer a challenge.

No more document attachments, emails and other headaches in a mobile-first world

tydy gives you the tools to create interactive stories for your business and share it with your teams, partners and customers.

Creating & managing content across various platforms is no longer a chore!
Mobile Internal Marketing Software

Designed to handle all types of content for mobile devices

Sales & Marketing Teams

Empower your sales & marketing teams with interactive collateral, product info, marketing promotions and more - on their mobile devices.


Employee newsletters, group updates, organizational announcements, employee surveys and more - on mobile devices.

Online Marketing

Create really engaging & interactive stories and content for your online channels - optimized for mobile devices.

Creative Teams

Quickly put down your ideas while on the go & collaborate with others - on your mobile device.
tydy is on iOS and Android

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere and on any device

You want to collaborate with others, but clunky email threads and painful file attachments on mobile devices do not help.

tydy brings the content, its experience and communication to the device in front of you.

Share to the mobile app

Create a closed group platform ideal for sales & marketing teams, partners and teams within your organization.

A secure & collaborative interface to create & share content on mobile devices.

... Or as a WebLink

to add to emails or other public mediums. The ideal way to push content out to customers and external stakeholders.

You can even embed the content into an existing website, blog post or landing page.
tydy is on iOS and Android

Improve with in-depth analytics

Whether it's a small team or a large multi-national one, tydy gives you in-depth analytics on usage and consumption. Use your own analytics to improve your team's efficiency.
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